Zenith Tourbillon Review

Zenith Tourbillon

Most of the time, pocket watch is put in the breast pocket. Due to the gravity, the movement of the mechanical watch, i.e. escapement, was affected. This makes the watch less accurate.

What is Tourbillon?

Tourbillon is an enhancement for mechanical pocket watch by mounting the balance wheel and escapement in a rotating cage. Tourbillon was designed by French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet around 1795. The aim of Tourbillon is to negate the effect of gravity when the watch is stay in a certain position for long time to increase the time correctness.

Video to show how Tourbillon works

Todays, there are many ways to keep the design of watch simply and accurate. Digital or quartz watches are the answer.  Tourbillon is welcomed by many watch lovers due to it is a sign for perfection of the watch craftsmanship.

Why Zenith?

Zenith is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer with long history. It was founded in 1865. Zenith is only one of few Swiss watch that is still producing their own in-house movements. Many watch brands are either using the ETA produced by Swatch Group or enhancing their own movement based on ETA. Zenith has a long reputation for high precision and quality. It has over 1.5 thousands of precision awards.

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Zenith Academy Tourbillion

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Zenith Academy Tourbillion

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Model# 65-1260-4033-77-C611 18-1260-4034-02-C505 96-0528-4035-21-M528 18-1260-4005-72-C504
Crystal Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire
Case White gold Rose Gold Rose Gold & Titanium Rose Gold
Dial Transparency White Black Brown
Case diameter 45mm 45mm 47mm 45mm
Case thickness 17mm 16mm 20mm 15mm
Band material Leather Leather Rose Gold & Titanium Leather
Movement Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Water Resistant 30m 30m 1000m 30m
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