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In the past, when we talked about watches with quartz movement, people thought that they were cheap. It was difficult to find a luxury watch with quartz movement. Why? The reason was simple, if the price of a quartz watch is more than a mechanical watch, no one will buy it. People trended to buy mechanical movement than quartz movement for luxury watch.

However, thing has changed. Watches with quartz movement is not simply a watch now. They can do something more than simply a device to keep the time. Tissot T-Touch Expert is a good example. Tissot T-Touch Expert is a watch with a lot of useful functions that mechanical watch can never include. Tissot T-Touch Expert is the 4th generate of T-Touch from Tissot, after original T-Touch, T-Touch Navigator and T-Touch Trekking.

Tissot T-Touch Expert looks cool and pretty. Its abilities is extraordinary.  Tissot T-Touch Expert is especially suitable for those who are interested in outdoor activities. Tissot T-Touch Expert offers functions like altimeter, chronograph, alarms, thermometer, barometer and perpetual calendar. You see, it is an all-rounded watch.

Compare with the original T-Touch, Tissot T-Touch Expert has a few improvements. The case and the face has refined with a bigger case and larger LCD screen. The UI has changed a little bit so that the overall operation of the watch has been improved.

Tissot T-Touch Comparison

Tissot T-Touch Expert (right) is better than Tissot T-Touch Original (left)


Tissot T-Touch Expert is made up of titanium, it is a light and durable material. It is also stronger than steel. However, titanium is less scratch resistant than stainless steel case. Some model of Tissot T-Touch has stainless steel version. The case is futuristic that make it looks cool. The bracelet is either titanium (T0134204420200, T0134204420100) or rubber (T0134204720200, T0134204720100).

Watch Face

Tissot T-Touch Expert dial is black carbon color with the white hour and minute hands, it has no second hand. The hour and the minute hands are also used for other functions like compass. The hour markers are Arabic or diamond sharped depending on the version. Personally, I like the Arabic numeral version as I can read the time easily.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Face

Tissot T-Touch Expert Face with Arabic markers

There is a LCD panel at the bottom on the watch that display addition information like temperature. The watch face contrast so well, the watch information can be read easily. The watch hands and hour markers are covered in bright and lovely luminant that work well in dark. The lume looks sharp and clear. In case if it is difficult to read the time with the hands in dark, you can also read the time in the LCD panel.

T-Touch Features

Let’s move on to those exciting features for Tissot T-Touch Expert. There is a “T” button at the right hand side of the watch. Press it and this activate the touch receptive crystal on the face of the watch. You can then select the six special functions by simply press the crystal. The six special functions are METEO (Barometer), ALTIMETER (for altitude), CHRONO (stop watch function), COMPASS, ALARM and THERMO (for temperature). I really like this new innovation on the UI. For some other watches with a lot of functions, it is usually difficult to select and switch the function. With the touch screen design, I can get the function I want easily.

Video showing how to select different function using touch screen


Tissot T-Touch Expert is a new type of watch that give you all functions you need for outdoor activities. It brings a new era for quartz watch that break the myth that quartz watch is a low-end product. It offers really nice feature that expensive mechanism movement watches can never provide.


Tissot T-Touch Expert

Tissot T-Touch ExpertCheck Price

Tissot T-Touch Expert

Tissot T-Touch ExpertCheck Price

Tissot T-Touch Expert

Tissot T-Touch ExpertCheck Price

Tissot T-Touch Expert

Tissot T-Touch ExpertCheck Price
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Model# T0134204420200 T0134204420100 T0134204720200 T0134204720100
Crystal Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire
Case Titanium Titanium Stainless steel Titanium
Dial Black Carbon Black Carbon Black Carbon Black Carbon
Water resistance 100m / 330 ft 100m / 330 ft 100m / 330 ft 100m / 330 ft
Case diameter 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm
Case thickness 14mm 14mm 14mm 14mm
Band material Titanium Titanium Rubber Rubber
Movement Swiss Quartz Swiss Quartz Swiss Quartz Swiss Quartz
Date Yes Yes Yes Yes
Altimeter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chronograph Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alarms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thermometer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Barometer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Perpetual Calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes
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