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When it comes to adventure watch, digital display watches are dominating the markets. Digital adventure watches provide feature like compress, thermometer, altimeter, weather forecast, GPS, etc. that can be useful for some of the outdoor adventure activities. However, not all people like digital display watch and they may not need to use all adventure functions. Timex FlyBack chronograph compass watch may be the choice for them.

Timex FlyBack chronograph compass watch is a revolutionary sophisticated analog quartz watch that under Timex Intelligent Quartz? technology. Timex FlyBack chronograph compass watch is different from other Timex chronograph watches. It provides some interesting feature like electronic compass, second time zone, date display and INDIGLO night-light.


The design of the watch really looks cool. The time and date are easy to read. The case is grey stainless steel, together with the 44mm large case, it makes the watch strong and solid.


Timex T49867

The sub-dial for chronograph is not the tradition little circle. The sub-dials is shell like shape in the upper and lower part of the watch. The upper sub-dial is for hour display while the lower part is for minute display. The sub-dials are also used to indicate the second time zone.


Timex T49867 minute sub dial

The bezel markings are compass marking, you are rotate the bezel, together with the compass feature, to know the direction.

The band material is either leather or stainless steel, depending on the model.


Fly-back chronograph

It supports 4-hour fly back chronograph feature with 1/5-second intervals. The upper sub-dial is hour indicator while the lower sub-dial is minute indicator.

The flyback here means when you reset the chronograph, the indicator hands will fly back to the original home position, instead of continuing moving clockwise. This enables a quicker restart timing.

Second time zone

The second time zone is displayed using upper sub-dial hand hand for hours and lower sub-dial minute hand for minutes. The hour is displayed in 24 hours. You can also use the second time zone to display your home time in 24 hour format.

Date display

The date display is in 3 o’clock.

INDIGLO night-light

The INDIGLO night light is an useful feature especially when you want to read time outdoor at night. When you press the button, the light will come out from the watch so that you can read the time clearly.


Compass is the most interesting feature and important feature that you buy this watch but not the other. When you press the button at 8 c’clock position, the hollow hand will swing to magnetic north. You can then rotate North indicator in bezel to the hollow hand. Then, you can read the bezel for different direction.

The compass requires to calibrate before using it.

Video: How to calibrate the compass



Timex T49868 FlyBack Chrono Compass

Timex T49868 FlyBack Chrono CompassCheck Price

Timex T49866 FlyBack Chrono Compass

Timex T49866 FlyBack Chrono CompassCheck Price

Timex T49867 FlyBack Chrono Compass

Timex T49867 FlyBack Chrono CompassCheck Price
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Model# T49868 T49866 T49867
Crystal Mineral Glass Mineral Glass Mineral Glass
Case Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Dial Black White Black
Water resistance 100m / 300 Ft 100m / 300 Ft 100m / 300 Ft
Case diameter 44mm 44mm 44mm
Case thickness 13mm 13mm 13mm
Band material Stainless steel Calfskin Calfskin
Movement Quartz Quartz Quartz
Date Yes Yes Yes
Compass Yes Yes Yes
Chronograph Yes Yes Yes
Tachymetre Yes Yes Yes
2nd Timezone Yes Yes Yes
INDGLO Yes Yes Yes
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Many watches that can indicate direction are digital display watches. There are only few analog watches with tons of adventure features like Timex FlyBack chronograph compass watch. This watch is less than USD $200. It is really a good deal for this stylish adventure watch.

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TIMEX T49868 Flyback chrono compass

Other alternative: Timex T49868 Flyback chrono compass