Tissot PRC 200 Chrono Review

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We reviewed a cutting edge watch made by Tissot, Tissot T-Touch Expert. The watch is full of new innovation. It may define the future watch standard i.e. a watch with a lot of functions. If you do not care about those functions or you only want a stylish chronograph for everyday usage, you should take a look at one of the hottest model for Tissot PRC 200 Chronograph series – T17152652 & T17158652.      [Read more…]

Tissot T-Touch Expert Review

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In the past, when we talked about watches with quartz movement, people thought that they were cheap. It was difficult to find a luxury watch with quartz movement. Why? The reason was simple, if the price of a quartz watch is more than a mechanical watch, no one will buy it. People trended to buy mechanical movement than quartz movement for luxury watch. [Read more…]