Timex FlyBack Chrono Compass Review

Timex FlyBack Chrono Compass Banner

When it comes to adventure watch, digital display watches are dominating the markets. Digital adventure watches provide feature like compress, thermometer, altimeter, weather forecast, GPS, etc. that can be useful for some of the outdoor adventure activities. However, not all people like digital display watch and they may not need to use all adventure functions. Timex FlyBack chronograph compass watch may be the choice for them. [Read more…]

Timex Weekender Review


A reader sent me a message that he thought the watches we recommended are boring. Most of them are either white or dark dial with stainless steel. He wants to find a colorful and stylish casual watch. [Read more…]

Timex Military Watch Review


Timex watches are well-known among America families as they are high quality but the price are low. Timex is one of the top America watch manufacturer. It targets on mass-market for most consumers. One of the most famous production line is Timex Ironman. Besides digital watch for athletics, Timex also produces different style of wrist watches that are reliable and popular all over the world. Timex military watch is one of them. [Read more…]