Luminox Navy Seal Watch Review

Luminox Evo Navy Seal 3051 Blackout Watch Banner

This time, let’s have a look at Luminox Navy Seal. We reviewed some of the military field watches like Hamilton Khaki Field series. We pointed out that one of the factor to pick a military watch is to select the “pure blood” military watch brand i.e. whether the brand was used by military units. Some of the military field watches reviewed previously were used by soldiers in WWII. It was a long time ago. What kind of watches are military units wearing today? Luminox Navy Seal is one of the model that are welcomed by military units all over the world. [Read more…]

Seiko 5 Automatic Canvas Watch Review

Seiko Mens SNK807 Seiko 5 Automatic Blue Canvas Strap Watch

What are all time popular men’s watches? Military field watch should be one of them. Why? Military field watches design are clear and unique. Also, the history of military field watch is very long. Roughly speaking, it was introduced during war world one. We reviewed some military field watches like Hamilton and Timex. This time, let us have a look at Seiko 5 automatic canvas military field watch.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Review


The most well-known product from Victorinox is Swiss Army knife. Swiss Army knives are widely used. Victorinox is the supplier of multi-purpose knives to Swiss army. After the success of the knife, the company started to launch watches under their brand name in recent year. [Read more…]

IWC Pilot Chronograph Top Gun Miramar Review

IWC Top Gun Miramar Banner

2012 was an exciting year for both IWC and pilot style watches fans. IWC renew the design for its pilot series after 6 years of previous design. IWC Big Pilot chronograph was the first model to be renewed. [Read more…]

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Review

After reviewing some Timex Military Watches last month, a reader sent me an email that he loves the pilot watch. He asked us if we could review other brand’s pilot watches. How’s about Hamilton Khaki Pilot? Hey, wait a minute, why Hamilton? [Read more…]

Timex Military Watch Review


Timex watches are well-known among America families as they are high quality but the price are low. Timex is one of the top America watch manufacturer. It targets on mass-market for most consumers. One of the most famous production line is Timex Ironman. Besides digital watch for athletics, Timex also produces different style of wrist watches that are reliable and popular all over the world. Timex military watch is one of them. [Read more…]

Military Watches: Hamilton Khaki Field Watches Review

Military Watch: Hamilton Khaki Field
Men’s wrist watches were invented for soldiers during World War I. Soldiers found those military wristwatches were high quality and convenience compare to pocket watches in the old days. As a result, wrist watches became popular after the war. Military watches are long lasting watch model. Many watch brands launched their own military watch series. Hamilton Khaki Field is one of them.
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