Invicta Chronograph Review

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Invicta is doing very well in amazon. Invicta watches are always in the amazon best selling list. One of the main reason is their good price strategy, Invicta watches usually are selling at a huge discount, some models like Invicta Pro Diver are over 70% off. The other reasons are their good quality and fashionable design of the watch. If the watch is cheap but the design is too bad and poor build, no one will buy it even if it is 70% off. We reviewed Invicta Pro Diver some days before, let’s see their chronograph this time. [Read more…]

Invicta Pro Diver Review

What is the most popular and classic diver watch? Needless to say, it is Rolex Submariner, if not Omega Seamaster. They are welcomed by most of the watch lovers for years. Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster are over several thousand dollars. If you are out of budget for a diver watch, Invicta Pro Diver is an excellent alternative. Invicta, ‘Invincible’ in Latin, founded in Switzerland at 1837. Invicta watches are popular for their quality and design in a cheap price range. Invicta Pro Diver looks like Rolex Submariner. Thanks to huge discount from Amazon, it only costs from 50 dollars. [Read more…]