Hamilton Khaki Pilot Chronograph Review

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Chronograph Banner

Several weeks ago, we reviewed Hamilton Khaki Pilot. It is a nice and solid pilot watch made by a well-known military watch company called Hamilton. Hamilton was an official supplier to US army during WWII. If you are looking for pure blood military watch, Hamilton is a good choice. [Read more…]

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Review

After reviewing some Timex Military Watches last month, a reader sent me an email that he loves the pilot watch. He asked us if we could review other brand’s pilot watches. How’s about Hamilton Khaki Pilot? Hey, wait a minute, why Hamilton? [Read more…]

Military Watches: Hamilton Khaki Field Watches Review

Military Watch: Hamilton Khaki Field
Men’s wrist watches were invented for soldiers during World War I. Soldiers found those military wristwatches were high quality and convenience compare to pocket watches in the old days. As a result, wrist watches became popular after the war. Military watches are long lasting watch model. Many watch brands launched their own military watch series. Hamilton Khaki Field is one of them.
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