What is Tachymetre Watch?


Do you notice that there is a scale at the outer dial for your chronograph labeled as “Tachymetre” or “Tachymeter”? Do you think it is just a declaration? Indeed, it is a special feature that you may find it useful.

Tachymetre function

The primary function for tachymetre is to measure speed given the time needed to travel a fixed distance. Indeed, the unit is not limited to distance, the generic usage for the tachymetre should be convert elapsed time in seconds per unit to units per hour.

The measurement is valid as long as the elapsed time is from 7.2 seconds to 60 seconds, otherwise, tachymetre cannot tell you the answer.

How to use Tachymetre?

Example 1: If a car finished 1km in 30 seconds. by reading the tachymetre (as above), it shows 120 after 30 seconds passed. By definition, the speed of the car is 120 x 1km / hr = 120km/hr. If the testing distance is 1mil, that’s mean the speed is 120 x 1mil / hr = 120mil / hr.

Example 2: If you can finish a cup of water in 45 seconds, tachymetre shows 80 after 45 seconds. That means you can drink 45 cup of water in one hour.