Seiko Automatic Divers Watch Review

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Diving watch is a long lasting and popular watch style. You may not anticipate diving activities, but you may want to buy a diving watch, thanks to the popular diver watch design. Unidirectional bezel with minute markings, large hour indicators, extra size of minute and hour hands as well as luminosity for dark environment are the signature designs and functions of diver watches. Seiko watches are well-known for excellent quality and good design. This time, let’s have a look at Seiko automatic divers watch.


There are many different Seiko automatic divers watches available in the market. We picked some popular models to have a look here.

Seiko divers watch SKX173

Traditional Diver Watch Design

They are traditional and classic diving watch design. They equip with the essential unidirectional bezel to measure elapse time under water. The font size of bezel minute markers is normal but not oversize. The color of the bezel is dark while the font is white, the contrast is good. There is a luminosity hour indicator at 12 o’clock. This can ensure you can see the time well when you are under water. The dial is dark in color for Seiko SKX173, Seiko SKX007K2, Seiko SKX007K while it is yellow for Seiko SKXA35. Seiko SKXA35 is eye catching. You might find that the bright yellow color is not suitable for matching your cloth color. If you want an all-rounded design diving watch, you may probably go for dark color.

The hour and minute markings for Seiko SKX173 & Seiko SKXA35 are rectangle while Seiko SKX007K is round sharp. There is no functional differences between the rectangle marking and the round marking. So, you can pick up the one you like.

The band of Seiko SKX007K2 is stainless steel, while the rest of them are rubber. Stainless steel band is more durable than rubber. Rubber band is more flexible than stainless steel, however. You can adjust tightness of the watch for rubber band watch, while you need special tool to adjust it for stainless steel.


Seiko divers watch SKXA35

Seiko divers watch SKXA35 with yellow dial


Seiko is focusing on their new kinetic movement recently. Most probably, the kinetic movement can replace quartz movement that is using battery. Traditional automatic movement is more welcome by those watch lovers for years and we don’t see any reason it will be replaced by something else in next decade.

Automatic movement is usually more expensive than quartz movement, especially for those made by Swiss luxury watch brand. Japanese automatic movement is a cheaper alternative for watch lovers.

The time for automatic watch will not be that accurate compares to quartz movement watch. +- 2/3 seconds per day is an acceptable range.

Seiko automatic divers watches are made in Japan (e.g. Seiko SKX007K2 / Seiko SKX007K) or Malaysia (e.g. Seiko SKX173 / Seiko SKXA35). Someone may want to buy those made in Japan due to “pure blood”. However, there is no obvious quality differences between watches made in Japan or Malaysia. So, you can focus on picking the design you like.


For a diving watch, the important function must be water resistant. If a diving watch is not water resistant, can it be a diving watch? Seiko automatic divers watches in this review are all 200m water resistant. Besides diving, it is also suitable for swimming. For other functions, all watches are similar, they all equipped with un-directional bezel for measuring time elapse. The crystal is Hardlex crystal, it is harder than mineral crystal but weaker than scratch resistant sapphire. Date & day functions are supported.

It does not provide chronograph function. You can measure the time elapse up to 60 minutes using the unidirectional bezel. If you do want a chronograph diving watch, you can go for Seiko Diver Chronograph collection. I found that under water, it is better to measure the time by unidirectional bezel as the chronograph sub-dials are too small to be read under water.

Seiko SSC021 Solar Diver Chronograph Watch

Are you looking for Chronograph Divers Watch? Check out Seiko Diver Chronograph Collection


Seiko Automatic Divers Watch

Seiko Automatic Divers WatchCheck Price

Seiko Automatic Divers Watch

Seiko Automatic Divers WatchCheck Price

Seiko Automatic Divers Watch

Seiko Automatic Divers WatchCheck Price

Seiko Automatic Divers Watch

Seiko Automatic Divers WatchCheck Price
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Model# SKX173 SKXA35 SKX007K2 SKX007K
Crystal Hardlex Hardlex Hardlex Hardlex
Case Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Dial Black Yellow Black Black
Water resistance 200m / 660Ft 200m / 660Ft 200m / 660Ft 200m / 660Ft
Case diameter 43mm 42mm 40mm 42mm
Case thickness 14mm 13mm 12mm 13mm
Band material Rubber Stainless steel Rubber Rubber
Movement Japanese Automatic Japanese Automatic Japanese Automatic Japanese Automatic
Date & Date Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bezel Unidirectional Unidirectional Unidirectional Unidirectional
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