History of Wrist Watches

When the age has no clocks and watches, people can only use hourglasses, water clocks or sundail to tell time. Telling time was easier until the invention of pocket watches in the 16th century.

First Wrist Watch

In 1868, a Swiss watch marker, Patek Phillippe created the first wrist watch. This watch was initially designed for women as jewelry. In early 1880s, Constant Girard developed a concept of a wrist watch for timing. 2,000 wrist watches were produced for Germany naval officers. This represented wrist watches became a commercial product to the public. However, pocket watch was still favorite style among men at that time.

The Growth of Wrist Watch

During World War I, soldiers required to view the time easily with their hands full. They were issued wrist watches. The watches were made with pocket watch movements. As a result, the size was large, the crown was at 12 o’clock position. After the war, wrist watches became popular. In 1923, self-winding wrist watch was invented by John Harwood.

Electronic Watch

Electronic Watch

The Modern Wrist Watch

In 1950s and 1960s, the invention of the electric watch and the quartz watch brought an important revolutions for wrist watch. This revolutions not only increased the accuracy, but also lowered the price for wrist watch. Today, wrist watch is still the main stream of personal timepiece.