First Time Swatch arrives at BaselWorld

Swatch Sistem51 Automatic

This year BaselWorld exhibition has a huge change, this lead to a big different in the setup of different watch brand. Luxury watch brands are welcome by many people in the exhibition, but one of the most exciting events should be the first arrival of Swatch watch in BaselWorld exhibition.

Swatch BaselWorld

Swatch BaselWorld

Some brands under Swatch group like Omega, Longines, Breguet are frequenter in BaselWorld. However, it is the first time Swatch entered Basel exhibition.

In the exhibition, Swatch announced a new automatic wristwatch called Sistem51. This new watch will be released at October, 2013.


Back to the year of 1983, Swatch’s revolutionary new quartz watch with 51 parts was welcomed by the world of its high quality. This success changed the Swiss watch industry from high-end luxury market to mass market.

30 years later, automatic watches are still popular but the price is very expensive. With the faith of producing good quality of watch with affordable price, Swatch introduced a revolutionary watch – Sistem51 automatic wristwatch. The movement design is completely new as well as the way of assemble.

Swatch Ugo Nespolo

Italy artistic and designer Ugo Nespolo designed a remarkable drawing for Swatch in BaselWorld

Sistem51 is an automatic watch with 51 parts. For those similar function automatic watches, the parts can be a double or even 600. The watch is made up of new material called ARCAP (alloy of copper, nickel and zinc). ARCAP is anti-magnetic, together with the dust-proof case that can highly increase the accuracy of the watch. It can store up to 90 hours of power. Indeed, there are 17 new patents for this new watch.

Let’s see if we can have a Sistem51 for reviews, we are excited about it.