IWC Pilot Chronograph Top Gun Miramar Review

IWC Top Gun Miramar Banner

2012 was an exciting year for both IWC and pilot style watches fans. IWC renew the design for its pilot series after 6 years of previous design. IWC Big Pilot chronograph was the first model to be renewed. [Read more…]

Zenith Tourbillon Review

Zenith Tourbillon

Most of the time, pocket watch is put in the breast pocket. Due to the gravity, the movement of the mechanical watch, i.e. escapement, was affected. This makes the watch less accurate. [Read more…]

Omega Speedmaster Review

Omega Speedmaster Professional (3570.50.00)

Omega Speedmaster Professional, a legendary chronograph wristwatch, was introduced in 1957. In July, 1969, Speedmaster Professional was worn on moon by Apollo astronaut. This is why Omega Speedmaster Professional also known as “Moonwatch”. Over 50 years, besides some minor refinements, the design and appearance of Speedmaster Professional remain nearly unchanged.
[Read more…]