Will the Swatch Group save the industry again?

When it comes to Swiss made watch, many people think of expensive and luxury watch with over 100 years of history. Indeed, the Swatch Group, a young 30 years old company was a savior of Swiss watchmaking industry in early 80s. It not only saved Swiss watchmaking industry, but also helped Swiss to regain the honor for watchmaking. Today, mobile device can act as a watch to tell you the time, watch is not an essential product. Will the Swatch Group save the watch industry again? [Read more…]

How to use Diver Watch Unidirectional Bezel?

Diver watch bezel

The diver watch bezel, also known as unidirectional bezel, is a basic feature for diver watch. It is the most simplest way to keep track of diving time. The diver watch bezel allows indicating the elapsed time or remaining time. [Read more…]

What is Minute Repeater?

Some folks asked me what kind of mechanical watch is the most complicated design and requires the longest time to product. What do you think? Tourbillon? Perpetual Calendar? Moon Phase? The answer is minute repeater.
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What is Tachymetre Watch?


Do you notice that there is a scale at the outer dial for your chronograph labeled as “Tachymetre” or “Tachymeter”? Do you think it is just a declaration? Indeed, it is a special feature that you may find it useful.
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What is Chronograph Watch?

Rolex Daytona

The chronograph is a special kind of watch that can tell time in twelve hour format as well as measure the amount of time elapsed. It equips with an independent sweep second hand that can be started, stopped and reset by pressing the stem.

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History of Wrist Watches

When the age has no clocks and watches, people can only use hourglasses, water clocks or sundail to tell time. Telling time was easier until the invention of pocket watches in the 16th century.
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