Invicta Pro Diver Review

What is the most popular and classic diver watch? Needless to say, it is Rolex Submariner, if not Omega Seamaster. They are welcomed by most of the watch lovers for years. Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster are over several thousand dollars. If you are out of budget for a diver watch, Invicta Pro Diver is an excellent alternative. Invicta, ‘Invincible’ in Latin, founded in Switzerland at 1837. Invicta watches are popular for their quality and design in a cheap price range. Invicta Pro Diver looks like Rolex Submariner. Thanks to huge discount from Amazon, it only costs from 50 dollars. [Read more…]

Timex Military Watch Review


Timex watches are well-known among America families as they are high quality but the price are low. Timex is one of the top America watch manufacturer. It targets on mass-market for most consumers. One of the most famous production line is Timex Ironman. Besides digital watch for athletics, Timex also produces different style of wrist watches that are reliable and popular all over the world. Timex military watch is one of them. [Read more…]

Top GPS sport watch review

Garmin forerunner 210

Nowadays digital sport watches are so advanced that they support features more than simply telling time. Sport watches that include chronograph for timing splits, heart-rate and calorie monitoring are basic features. GPS watches are more and more popular as they can provide additional information like distance and speed. These information are useful for outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, hiking, etc. [Read more…]

Bulova Bracelet Women Watches Review

When it comes to women watches, function may not be the most important factor for watch selection. Stylish and fashionable design are more important than watch function. Bulova women collections have no surprise on the technical side of the watches, the watches are using quartz movements. However, it also means the watches are good precision and in affordable price range. [Read more…]