Military Watches: Hamilton Khaki Field Watches Review

Military Watch: Hamilton Khaki Field
Men’s wrist watches were invented for soldiers during World War I. Soldiers found those military wristwatches were high quality and convenience compare to pocket watches in the old days. As a result, wrist watches became popular after the war. Military watches are long lasting watch model. Many watch brands launched their own military watch series. Hamilton Khaki Field is one of them.
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What is Minute Repeater?

Some folks asked me what kind of mechanical watch is the most complicated design and requires the longest time to product. What do you think? Tourbillon? Perpetual Calendar? Moon Phase? The answer is minute repeater.
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What is Tachymetre Watch?


Do you notice that there is a scale at the outer dial for your chronograph labeled as “Tachymetre” or “Tachymeter”? Do you think it is just a declaration? Indeed, it is a special feature that you may find it useful.
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TAG Heuer Automatic Chronograph Review

TAG Heuer Link

When it comes to legendary automatic chronograph wristwatches, other than Omega speedmaster professional, TAG Heuer automatic chronograph should be one of them.  Why? Back to 1969, the first automatic chronograph movement, Calibre 11, was launched.
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Omega Speedmaster Review

Omega Speedmaster Professional (3570.50.00)

Omega Speedmaster Professional, a legendary chronograph wristwatch, was introduced in 1957. In July, 1969, Speedmaster Professional was worn on moon by Apollo astronaut. This is why Omega Speedmaster Professional also known as “Moonwatch”. Over 50 years, besides some minor refinements, the design and appearance of Speedmaster Professional remain nearly unchanged.
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